My motivation has always been story, regardless of medium. Whether it’s film, or animation, a video game or a book, I always want to know what happens next! I love collaborating with others to create something new; inevitably ideas seem to get better and stronger when shared and worked on with others.


For the past two years, I've been working at Intel® RealSense™ Technologies as part of the marketing organization. I wouldn't consider marketing my primary skill however, in my time there, I've mostly been focused on Augmented and Virtual Reality, as well as other immersive media projects. Among other things, I led the Sundance Film Festival 2018 Volumetric Capture activation, where we captured over 500 people doing their signature dance moves in 3D. I think that immersive media in so many different forms is going to change the way we live, and I find being on the cutting edge of technology fascinating. I find that I am most inspired when given a new problem to solve, or a new story to tell. Working my way through complex technology, explaining it to other people, and using it to create something magical is where my passion lies.


My other passion is diversity and inclusion - I want to give people the chance to reach their full potential, and give them a hand up when they need it. To that end, in 2016 I co-founded ARVR Academy, a non-profit educational and mentorship organization that aims to help people bring their unique backgrounds and talents to the immersive industry. In the past 3 years, we've helped over 250 people move in the direction of their dreams.


If you're interested in discussing future opportunities, please reach out via the contact form below. I speak regularly at conferences and meetups around the world on immersive media, volumetric film, depth and tracking technologies and more, and I am always interested in hearing from passionate individuals and companies about how I can help them with their next project. I hope to hear from you!


Suzanne Leibrick


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