3D/2D/VR Animator and Artist

My motivation has always been story, regardless of medium. Whether it’s film, or animation, a video game or a book, I always want to know what happens next! I love collaborating with other artists to create something new; inevitably ideas seem to get better and stronger when shared and worked on with others.


For the past two years, I've been working as Creative Lead at Red Lozenge, primarily working on a health and fitness game called Habit Monster. My job there expanded from a 3D animator to a variety of responsibilities- 3D modeling, Rigging, Animating, Texturing, UI/UX, Concept, Illustration, Social Media, Marketing, as well as story writer and many other things. In other words, as many people do in startups, I wore a lot of hats.


Now, my current interests include developing for VR/AR, including running a free Academy for women to learn how to develop for VR. I love gaming, I love immersive media, it's clear to me that once people try VR or AR, they're not going to want to go back to a straight 2D screen. My goal now is to find a place to hang my hat where I can continue to explore the new and varied world of VR development - there are so many problems out there to solve, and I want to be part of making that happen.


Suzanne Leibrick


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